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7 teabags x 3 types

7 teabags x 3 types

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Since ancient times, Japanese people have often used proverbs and unique expressions that involve green tea in their daily lives. This time, I chose three expressions among them and used them as product names. Cherish Japanese tea culture. Enjoy the highest quality taste in a tea bag along with the relaxing illustrations!

Deep Steamed Sencha with tea bags

'->product name: "Ocha wo nigoshite suimasen" means "sorry to spoil the conversation"

Genmaicha with tea bags

'->product name: "Chacha iretemo iidesuka?" means "can I interrupt you?"

Hojicha with tea bags

'->product name: "Heso de cha wakashitemi" means "what a joke! Don't make me laugh!"

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