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Professional Sayama Tea Masters


Ryoichi Wada

Sayama farm


Sayama farm was established in 1951. The farm, where located close to Sayama hills called “Totoro’s forest”, grows excellent tea leaves planted in a fertile soil containing full of mineral. Wada attracts everyone with slight-steamed and aromatic Sayama tea which is brewed by himself. You can find an old Japanese house near the farm, and a big Totoro may peek out from there.


Masahiro Okutomi

Okutomi farm


Okutomi farm was opened in the mid of Edo era, which is more than 200 years ago. When you visit the farm, then, you must feel admiration for the history and the tradition. Masahiro Okutomi, 15th generation of the family, will brew an incredibly tasty tea with his smooth handling like magic. There is very few matcha production farm in Sayama, but one of them is Okutomi farm. His matcha was awarded as a high prize in Europe, and its taste brings us a relaxing moment, escaping from a busy daily life.


Takahiro Yokota

Yokota farm


Yokota farm is a historical tea farm which was recorded for offering their tea to Emperor Yoshihito, in Taisho era. In the farm, you can see a well-kept lawn and a pine trees in the garden, and a cozy tea shop with an attractive house gate. Takahiro Yokota, 6th generation of the family, will welcome us with his friendly smile. He will tell us a deep knowledge of green tea with simple words, and serve an authentic Sayama tea brewed by his well-trained skill.


Hideki Ikeya

Ikenoya farm


Ikeya family has been keeping their tea farm in Kaneko since 200 years ago. Hideki Ikeya, current head of the family, is a young and skillful tea producer who inherits the tradition of Sayama tea. The tea in Ikenoya farm has been highly evaluated in overseas country, and they are confident of their skill cultivated in Sayama area and committed to the quality with the sprit called “Ichiyo Nyukon”. If you drink it, it makes you feel like staying in a perfectly rich and prosperous world.