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Customer Voice

I was much impressed with the deep taste of awarded green tea!

I joined Sayama Green Tea School! It’s the first time to visit Iruma city.

I spent a very happy time to enjoy tea, tea, and tea!!

Even Japanese like me didn’t know how polite tea farmer works, and how I should correctly brew tea, pick tea and some other basic knowledge about green tea…

I also had a very nice Sencha ice cream, which the taste goes much beyond matcha ice cream.

And the most impressive event is that I got a very deeply tasted green tea awarded as gold prize. I would like to express sincere thanks to Marusawa san, principal of the school and the tea producers. I will try to invite my friends from foreign countries because English is available in the classes of this school.

(female in her 40s)

It’s perfectly fit for kid’s science project during summer holiday

I have never thought about the way of making tea and the way of developing final tea products. I was very impressed with this school program! From the morning after, I come to drink a beautiful green tea brewed with water!

As my kid fully took note of what he learned, it’s perfect fit for his science project during summer holiday!

Thank you for giving us a polite explanation by the tea producer! Please give my best regards to him!

(female in her 30s)

Very nice school. I am going to join another course, too!

I was very happy to be relaxed with drinking a tasty green tea, away from the urban hustle and bustle. I would also like to join another course, ”Zen and green tea” in the near future.

(male in his 20s)

That’s the day full of surprises

Thank you very much for giving us precious experiences today. As I am learning the matter of green tea to get some license by myself, I was so happy to have a chance to talk to a tea producer directly. My husband doesn’t like green tea so much, but he enjoyed seeing tea farm and tea factory. We have never drunk such a strong taste green tea, and spent the day full of surprises. If I raise up one regrettable thing, you should have told us how to cook the tea leaves after we picked them..

I would like to join Yokota farm course next time!

(female in her 30s,

joining with her American husband)

The certificate, you gave me at last, is unforgettable!

Thank you for letting me join your school classe last week.

Firstly, I was so impressed with your polite guidance when I booked your classes before the visit. Generally booking process through Facebook is very casual, though I am used to being treated unfriendly, you were responding politely every time I contacted you, which captured my heart.

I appreciate your attitude.

I feel it very useful to learn the background of green tea on power point in this school.

This type of short tour is usually just entertainment, but, in this school, you taught me seriously in three hours classes and the certificate for completion which you gave me will be unforgettable. I will display it in my room carefully. This visit made me start taking care of drinking green tea more than ever, because I was taught by the tea producer directly how to roll and roast tea on the hot table, which is called Sayamabiire, and I also had a chance to see various machines for tea manufacturing.

(female in her 30s)

An extraordinary spot near central Tokyo

Tasting Sayama tea was a very nice experience for me. However, it is not so outstanding as the highlight of the event. Tea farms picture shown on the website should be more vivid and wide-spread(For instance, a flying Osprey taken in the picture would be well-reputed as a unusual scenery) Presentation and Zen meditation in the Zen temple can be another highlight. It would be better to improve your program by packaging a bit longer experiences such as “a famous preach by Zen priest and 30 minutes Zen meditation”. Although this type of event depends on the season, before and after peaking time of tea picking, this place could be promoted as an extraordinary spot near central Tokyo.

(male in his 50s)

I made green tea Tempra by using tea leaves I picked!

I had a very nice experience and a satisfying Saturday.

I am getting interested in green tea very mush because I studied a various things about tea, experienced hands-on tea picking, and tasted an excellent tea and food. After going home, I made green tea Tempra by using tea leaves I picked. Maybe it was overcooked, and the bitterness was gone.. I was totally satisfied with this school, and I would like to thank you so much. I am going to join another event, actual Chatsumi next May, and I will check the information to be given by you!

(female in her 40s)

Good opportunity to think about myself and review my own attitude to what I am doing

As the first impression of this school, everything was purely fun for me, just a beginner of green tea world; time to learn the knowledge about tea, time to feel the tea world by five senses, enjoying a good scent of green tea within the tea farm and the factory, time to make Japanese sweets and time to taste a fresh green tea just brewed by a tea producer. Although the duration was short, but I surely understood how much everyone concerned cares about Sayama Green Tea, as I found that Principal and the tea producer gave me a serious look when they talked about Sayama tea and other tea producing staffs have a very simple and kind heart.

I also felt great when I learned most of them are handling all the processes from producing to selling teas. Usually I am working at a butcher shop, but I don’t have a chance to know where meat, our product to customers, comes from and how it was delivered, what kinds of people are working through the process. I was so stimulated by knowing that Sayama tea farmers are engaged with every process from production to sales and they are faced with the tea as if they were farther of a growing kid. To me, I want to think about what role I am playing among the total process of my current job, and how it should be connected to the outside world.
Before coming to Sayama Green Tea School this time, I was eager to contact people who lives a different life from me, away from my daily life busy with childcare and job. So, it was great to have an opportunity to think twice what I should do and how I can address my job.

If there was more time to spend, it would have been much more appreciated if we could informally discuss any other topic with you and tea producer. I wish I could hear how you think of green tea related jobs, what problems you are facing right now, and how you are feeling about future prospect.

Besides, it would be also much appreciated if you let me know the time schedule before the day by email. I wish I would knew it beforehand, because I was very nervous without knowing how I will spend the day.

Next time, I would like to join your school with my child. It is too good for me to use a Kyusu(Japanese tea pot), which you gave me as a souvenir, but I will try to use it when we enjoy green tea together with my family. Thank you very much for a wonderful gift!

(female in her 20s)

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