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  Greetings from Principal  

Welcome to Sayama Green Tea world! First of all, I would like to thank each of you for considering experience of Sayama Green Tea School.I am proud of recommending you to join our exclusive green tea programs, and buy and taste such an incredible green tea.

Sayama green tea trace its history back in 14th century, and famous among tea lovers for its supreme taste. But it has been kept as more of “hidden treasure” as it has limited production volume compare to its competitors Shizuoka, Uji and so forth. While Japan as a country went through rapid post war economic growth, so did the Sayama region. Recently however, farms turned into commercial facilities and apartments which resulted in immediate Sayama green tea production drop, and sustainability of the tea production has become a big question as younger generation are not willing to succeed the farm and its heritage. We are much concerned with the future of Sayama tea. 


Preserving this unique/beautiful tea to next generation is very important, and for that purpose we started Sayama green tea school for people outside to know this region. Anyone can be satisfied with the program even if they have never drunk green tea or never brewed it. You can learn anything about green tea such as how to produce it, and what kind of tea is made there. When you leave our school, you will be surely captured by Sayama green tea.


If many people living inside/outside Japan get together in this area, and if they feel so interested with the experiences in our school, I could not be any happier than this.


Now, I would like you to find our programs below and book our school on your available date among the calendar, and I would also like you to buy our authentic teas we recommend proudly.

I already start feeling my heartbeat with the thought that you will gently smile at us!


Takeshi Marusawa


Class scene

Click each photos for the detail.

Walk in tea farm

Begin with this. It’s just a “mattari” place.

Let’s space out buried in the wide green field !


Tea factory observation

Wonder how the picked tea leaf will be processed to a final tea product?

Come and see in the factory, and then you must say,”Oh, I see!”, ”That makes sense!”


Classroom for learning tea

After coming back to tea farmers house,

Let’s learn what’s all about tea, because here is a school!



Experience the confidential skill of making a good taste.

Rolling and kneading tea leaves put on a tea drier table.. Wow, very hot! But it’s very interesting!


Tea picking

Again, go outside and experience tea picking.

Learn how to pick it well, and keep picking until you are satisfied!


Tea Brewing and tasting

Finally, tea master will brew his own produced tea. Ummm, incredible!

Brew it on your own. It’s simple. It tastes so good!


Program is subject to change without notice.

Note: program will be different in each course -> see "book now"

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