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Star anise spicy Chinese pickles with roasted green tea

~ Tomato, Japanese ginger ~


・ 1 bag of petit tomatoes (6-8 grains)

・ One Japanese ginger

-Marinated liquid-

・ Appropriate amount of roasted green tea (to the extent that the ingredients are soaked)

・ 1 tablespoon of honey

・ 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

・ Granule Chinese soup stock a little

・ One star anise (star anise)

・ Laurier   1 sheet

How to make

1. Preparation of vegetables

Petit tomato → After stripping hot water, lightly season with salt

Japanese ginger → boiled in salt (to the extent that the texture remains)

* Since it is chilled and eaten, sprinkle salt on it to make the taste familiar.


2. Soak in marinade

Combine the ingredients, season to your liking, and soak the vegetables (leave it in the refrigerator overnight and it's ready to eat.)


[Synergistic effect of deep flavor / sweetness of roasted green tea, anise, and tomato]

Perfect for tea, chopsticks rest, and snacks!

It goes great with honey and anise.

Preparation is easy in 5 minutes!

image (2).png

Steamed clams with Japanese tea

~ Soup tailoring ~


・ 3 clams (appropriate amount)

・ Green tea (brewed as usual)  150ml

・ Sake 15ml

-Colorful vegetables-

・ Rape blossoms, Japanese mustard spinach, etc.  Appropriate amount


How to make

1. Clam sand removal

Rub the shells together to remove dirt and remove sand.

Spread on a vat, soak in water, cover with aluminum foil and leave in the refrigerator overnight. (Salinity 3%)

* When the salt concentration approaches seawater in a cool and dark place, sand is often spit out.

2. Burning clams

Add clams and sake to a frying pan, remove the alcohol, add a generous amount of Japanese tea, and steam.

Remove the clams from the open shell and leave only the soup.

3. Season the soup and simmer the colorful vegetables

If necessary, season with salt and lightly boil seasonal vegetables such as rape blossoms and Japanese mustard spinach in soup to make the colors brighter.


If you serve it on a plate, you can add "tea leaves" to it as an accent.

* Since ancient times, tea has not only been drunk as a beverage, but also the "tea leaves" after brewing tea.

By eating it, I was ingesting minerals that remain in the tea leaves.



The work is easy, just wash and steam in 2 steps.

You can easily get the antibacterial action of Japanese tea and the abundant nutrition of clams!


Ayu pickled in green tea and lemon

Green tea confit

~ You can do it with a water bath or an oven toaster with zip lock ~


・ Appropriate amount of sweetfish (3-4 fish)

Marinated liquid

・ Green tea (deep steamed tea) 3g

・ 1 rosemary

・ Appropriate amount of olive oil (soaked in ingredients)

・ One piece of garlic

・ 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

・ Appropriate amount of paprika powder

How to make

1. Remove scales from sweetfish

* If you are not good at liver, you do not have to take it.


2. Combine the ingredients and heat

Method 1,

Zip lock

(Check the heat resistance.)

Soak in plenty of hot water and heat for about 2 hours

* Easy to wash!

Method 2,

With a kitchen bat (stainless steel)

Heat in the oven

Cover with aluminum foil to prevent it from burning

30 minutes at 180 ° C (heat insulation for 30 minutes as it is)

Turn the sweetfish back and heat it in the same way.

* It is hard to fail and easily softens the bones.


3. Add a brown color

Method 1,

Minigrip: For frying in a frying pan

Add a brown color to do.

Method 2,

oven       : Remove the aluminum foil

               About 5 minutes at 200 ° C (adjust to your liking)


[Adding lemon juice makes the bones softer ♪]

You can transfer it to Minigrip and store it for a few days.

Confit is fashionable, but it's actually easy to do without leaving it alone!


Roasted duck breast matcha soup tailoring

~ With tea-flavored bread crumbs with a crunchy texture

Matcha soup harmony ~


・ One piece of duck breast (about 350g)


-Japanese tea bread crumbs-

・ Raw bread crumbs (bread crumbs are also OK)     80g

・ Grated cheese                         15g

・ KAWAKICHA                      15g

-Matcha sauce-

・ Duck gravy                         Appropriate amount

・ Butter 10g

·Matcha  5g

How to make

1. Bring the duck to room temperature and bake it in a frying pan.

When the skin is browned, wrap it in aluminum and keep it warm in a warm place.


2. Make Japanese tea bread crumbs

Stir the ingredients with a mixer, roast them in a frying pan, spread them on a wrap, and shape them into a sheet.


3. Matcha sauce

Dissolve butter and matcha in the gravy from the heat-insulated duck (adjust the water content with water).


4. Cover the duck with "Japanese tea bread crumbs" and bake the bread crumbs in an oven at 240 ° C and cut them into pieces.

Season the sauce and pour a generous amount into the plate with the image of a soup.


The contrast between the moist and tender duck meat, the crispy bread crumbs, and the soup is tantalizing. It's a perfect treat for a special day!

image (1).png

Chicken thigh marinated in green tea


~ Green tea and olive soup ~


·Chicken thigh  1 sheet

・ Green tea (brewed as usual)    

50ml (soaked in meat)

-Japanese tea and olive soup-

・ Meat juice  Appropriate amount

 ・ Green tea (brewed as usual)  150ml

・ Green olive (chopped)      15g


How to make

1. Marinated chicken thighs with green tea (meat is seasoned with salt and pepper)

* The antibacterial action of Japanese tea and the salt content make it a gorgeous scent. Can be stored in the refrigerator.


2. Return the meat to room temperature and bake it in a frying pan.

Start baking from the skin over medium to low heat, slowly cover the meat with aluminum foil and roast it while keeping it warm!

(There is less oil splashing and cleaning is easier.)

I sometimes turn it over to prevent the meat from drying out, but basically I just keep baking the skin!

When the skin is crispy, wrap it in foil to keep it warm.


3. Green tea and olive soup

Put olives chopped in green tea in a pot and boil for a while.

* Add this to the pan as the gravy comes out of the meat that has been kept warm in the foil (this is not fat).

Finally, season with salt and pepper, but the soup is made so it feels lighter.


4. Bake the lenticel to finish just before serving

Only at this time, baking at high temperature makes it more crispy!

* When carving, put the skin down! By cutting from the surface of the meat, the skin will not come off easily! !!



The moist and crispy meat has an irresistible taste of Japanese tea.

When you hear roast, you may think that you can't do it without an oven, but you can do it with just a frying pan!

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