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Welcome to Sayama green tea area!

Choose any course you want to experience and let us know!


-“Cha”inery tour course: You can always have a tasting at excellent Sayama tea farms. Get a ticket below!


- “Tea Picker” course including tea picking and tea brewing 

   at JPY 3,000 per person

- “Challenger” course including a lecture by tea advisor, 

   tea factory observation, tea making on top of "Tea Picker" programs

   at JPY 7,000 per person

- “Deep Diver” course including special program for a tea enthusiast 

   at JPY 8,500 to 20,000 per person, which depends on the contents


You can skip "Tea Picker" course and even "Challenger" course, and

go straight to "Deep Diver" course if you want it !   

“Tea Picker” course and “Challenger” course will be held in a “customized” format based on customer requests. Please read the notes below carefully and let us know your desired date, experience content (“Tea Picker” course or “Challenger” course etc.), and number of participants from “Contact us” page. For “Deep Diver” course and other special events, the dates and outline of the events will be posted here as before.


    *Sayama Green Tea School (“Tea Picker”/”Challenger” course) can be held from the end of May to mid-October this year.

    *If you would like to attend the “Tea Picker”/”Challenger” course, please contact us at least 5 weeks in advance of your desired date.

    *Once we receive your request, we will search for a tea farm to accept your request. I would ask you to bear in mind in advance, that no tea farm can accept the applications at certain times.

    *The minimum number of participants will be 4 people. If 4 people are not gathered by one week before the event date, the event will be canceled (there is no need for 4 people to be present at the beginning of the request).

    *As a general rule, we do not accept cancellations or refunds after the event has been decided based on the customer's request or after the application is completed on the website. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

    *All prices shown include consumption tax.

    *If you are applying from the website, please enter only the number of people over 15 years old in the number of participants (number of items) field. If there are participants under the age of 15, please do not include them in the number of participants and let us know in advance.

    (Those under 15 years old and over 6 years old are half price, and those under 6 years old are free. Please pay in cash on the day)

    *Depending on the content of the program, we may refuse participation to those under 15 years of age.

    *The contents of some programs may change without notice for each course.

    *If we need to change the date or location due to our circumstances, we will notify you at least three weeks in advance. If the new schedule does not suit your convenience or wishes, we will also accept a refund.

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